Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

April 26, 2019 (immersive experience - just 18 spots available)

The famous saying “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” by Antoine Lavoisier takes on its full meaning when it comes to upcycling. It’s all about restoring value to materials destined for the trash.

As a major component of the Roadmap for a circular economy, upcycling enables the recovery of recycled materials and the reuse and repair of our production materials from the textile, plastics, and electronics industries and even from real estate. In the form of non-profits, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs, a large number of pioneers has already detected the true value of our waste. Come meet them!

Understanding upcycling:

  • How to create economic activity, a business model based on waste and recycled materials

  • How to detect and collect these reservoirs of secondary raw materials.

  • Which manufacturing processes are being used to eco-design and extend the life span of our products.

  • The importance of design in restoring value to these recycled materials.


Les Résilientes
feat. Emmaüs alternatives

When RECOVERY and INTEGRATION go hand and hand

Recovering the scrap from the scrap, the leftover from the leftover, the very last shred… By creating a design studio on a social integration site, the Résilients project is not just about giving a second life to objects, it’s also a second chance for people who have been displaced from the workforce. Creativity as self-esteem therapy and a stepping-stone for returning to employment via a unique training and social integration program. 

Meet with Eugénie Delarivière

Les Récupérables

A second dream life for fabric!

What if your clothes came from used fabric? 
The Récupérables challenge stems from an observation: why produce even more when there is so must material to reuse?  This startup designs unique fashion collections from fabric scraps, worn linen, and upholstery fabric in limited editions produced in social integration workshops in Paris! 

You’re already there: in fashion of the future, the one that combines stylishness with commitment!

Meet with Anaïs Dautais Warmel
founder and art director


This revolutionary startup positively impacts the field of handicraft with its sustainable furniture designed from industrial waste. Its catalogue has already caught the eye of the Palais de Tokyo and Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris.

Each day, French industry produces 65,000 tons of waste! Scraps, pilot series, duds, margin for error, disposals, surplus… so many futureless items filling the trash bins! Thanks to this waste, Maximum, the leader in upcycled furniture, produces high quality furniture made in France.

Meet with Armand Bernoud


Tarp it!

Airbag, the French flag on the roof of the Grand-Palais, the banner for the latest Monet exhibit, the air balloon that flies over the Loire Valley chateaux, the Air France life jackets.  As a pioneer in France in transforming giant advertising banners, Bilum gives a second life to discarded materials and recycles them into a wide collection of handbags and accessories. Each piece is made in France and comes from short-channel, ethical, ecological production.

Meet with Hélène de la Moureyre

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